About Us

It all started with a dream

When company founder Nino Maric was 21 years old, he had a serious dilemma. He wanted to practice street workout outdoors, but had no fitness parks to train at. His group of friends would train at children’s playgrounds, but this equipment was inadequate for proper exercises, and was designed for kids, not adults.

The city needed a solution. Nino decided to meet with various city officials and show them presentations he made about street workout to raise their awareness about this recently emerging sport. After meeting and working with many various departments of the City of Winnipeg, finally a park was to be built.

The brand that was chosen was satisfying, and accomplished the main objective; but lacked good designs and had a few miscellaneous designer errors that were not appealing for serious athletes. While building these parks was a great success (3 in total), it was only the first step.

In 2016 Nino began working with the Northeast Pioneer Greenway on a special project to open a full fitness park, instead of a fitness trail (which have equipment spread apart instead of all in one location). Such a set-up is capable of hosting competitions, events, and also provides a more community orientated park for people to gather at.

During this time, Nino had the opportunity to become Kenguru Professionals Official Canadian Distributor of their world famous brand. Kenguru has parks installed in over 47+ countries across the world. Also being a main sponsor of the Street Workout World Championships, this was a great honor to be able to work with the best park provider internationally.

The park was successfully opened in October 2017 and has been a popular gathering point for fitness enthusiasts since then. Movement Generation looks forward to opening parks across North America, and promoting health and fitness in all communities.

If you are interested in having a fitness park installed in your community, or for private sale for your residence, please click the button below to contact us.

Nino Maric

Founder & President of Movement Generation Inc.