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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read below to find out what services we currently provide.

High Quality Fitness Equipment

We provide a world leading product line of outdoor, indoor, and para fitness equipment manufactured by Kenguru Professional. With parks built in 47+ countries, you can be sure our equipment is top of the line for your needs.


Parks designed by real athletes:
Need a specific park set-up, but not sure what you want or need? We can help to guide you and identify your needs to build the best functional park while remaining in budget.

Personal Training

We offer personal training services to clients through our partner organizations. Our focus is on calisthenics based training to help you lean out and build muscle in a fun effective style of training.

About our supplier, Kenguru Professional:

“Since the founding of the company in 2011, we have implemented more than 1,500 projects around the world, in different climatic zones. Our street workout equipment has been tested in the Arctic Circle, high in the mountains, in the Far East of Russia, in Siberia, in the Caribbean region (Guadeloupe), in the Persian Gulf region, in the hot coasts of Spain and in the sea fog of France. Moreover, our street workout and calisthenics equipment has passed a test of strength by the hundreds of thousands of athletes, who in some of the workout grounds are training almost around the clock.

We possess cutting-edge technology and unsurpassed quality, formed with the experience and recommendations of experts and athletes. We have updated all the metal processing technologies, began to use state-of-the-art materials, perfected horizontal bar connection nodes – clamps. In 2016, we expanded the range of sports equipment: street workout grounds for the disabled, street workout equipment for gyms, horizontal bars for home and office. All of the new products can be found here.

Trust The Best

Parks in Over 47 Countries

Kenguru parks have been installed in countries all over the world; from deserts to high up in the mountains, and even the Arctic Circle! Many imitations have failed to uphold our standard of quality.

Internationally Renown

Kenguru is the #1 brand in the world for street workout parks. Our equipment is specifically chosen for world championship events for a reason, we are the best and take pride in our products integrity.

It's About Community

While many companies are interested strictly in sales, our mission is community first. Our company vision is to bring fitness back into a popular trend for everyone, and have it be easily accessible. We have seen first hand the positive impact a fitness park brings to a community, and this is our main priority.

10 Year Warranty

Manufacture provides a 10 year guarantee for rusting through from the inside to the outside. Full conditions available by request.

Safety is #1

We understand the importance of safety for any child or adult who may use any type of fitness equipment (not just ours). Our products meet or exceed all standard international requirements and specifications
(which may still vary per countries own guidelines)

Shipped Right To You

Our product can be shipped to any storage facility, or address of your choosing. Or even directly to the installation site!

For Architects

KENGURU.PRO street workout equipment is available in digital form in 3dMAX, AutoCAD, and SketchUP environments.

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